BNI Malaysia – Inspire Chapter has been form more than 15 years. Among all the chapters, BNI Inspire have the most senior BNI member in the chapter. The award winning chapter in the region.


What make inspire chapter different from others. We focus strongly to each members, we value the membership in our chapter and having our own Team Building every year to boost up the team spirit. Inspire strongly focus on power team, each of the member will bring to the right power team so we work together as a team. Bring more business to the team and every one make profit as a member.


We are particularly proud of our extensive experience in constructions, business services, investment, lifestyle & luxury, health & wellness, education, advertising & promotion, IT and property services niche. Of course, we work on all kinds of other projects/services from small to big.


If you have a problem that we can help with, please contact us for a no‚Äźobligation consultation!

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