Music Production Specialist

Serene Cheam
Music Production Specialist

The Musicpreneur platform belief that “Fulfilling your dream is fulfilling our dream”. With the values ​​of “distance from struggle, link cooperation”, we will go to financing sources, financing funds, integrate wisdom, and team, and realize the mission of “I use music to survive”. Work with musicians and businesses with experience in the music industry to promote this concept and inspire more children who learn music and children who make music.


Who are the children learning music?

Learning knowledge and skills in all aspects of music, I hope to show more beautiful works and performances in music, training into a more mature musical ability, and to develop in the music industry.


Who are the children who make music?

Beginning a new music business in the music industry, or already owning a music business of his own, hoping to expand more development opportunities and increase income channels in his music business.


The value of the platform
We aspire to the global Chinese pop music entertainment business to make contributions and development; to cultivate as a corporate mission, improve the viability of musicians, and move towards becoming the most influential international music platform in Southeast Asia.


Platform purpose

  • Discover more music talent
  • Link more musicians to use the platform’s resources
  • Supply more job opportunities for children who make music
  • Improving the field of music teaching, inspiring children who study music to have the “children who make music”
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4C & 5C, Jalan 54, Desa Jaya, Kepong, 52100, Kuala Lumpur.



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