Carpets & Rugs Specialist

Carpets & Rugs Specialist

A carpet provides the perfect touch to homes, offices and retail outlets, bringing warmth and depth to any space. ABeeRugs provides the highest quality Persian carpets and rugs to individuals and companies all over Malaysia.


Our carpets are sourced from Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan by experts who pick only the finest quality designs from the most reputable manufacturers.  At any given time we have thousands of fine quality carpets on display, allowing our customers to find exactly the right carpets to suit their needs. Each and every one of our carpets is a unique masterpiece, with colours and design that you will not find in any other carpet, anywhere.


We take great pride in our clients’ satisfaction and go to great lengths to ensure that every customer is happy. All of our carpets come with a certificate of guarantee, allowing customers to trade in their carpets at 100% of their purchase value. This means that our customers have complete peace of mind, knowing that whenever they need new carpets they can simply trade in their old ones with no loss of value.

Our personalised services begin the moment you first contact us, when we make it our personal goal to help you find the exact carpet that is right for you, at affordable prices. If desired, customers that have difficulties in choosing can receive assistance from our interior design experts who will match the exact layout and look of the desired location with a selection of suitable carpets. After this selection is done, our team visits the customer’s location and provide live trials of the selected carpets so that customers can see and use the carpets exactly as they are intended before they make their final selection.

For customers who want something special that isn’t otherwise available, we can also custom make carpets according to their specific designs or ideas.

In all cases, our carpets are fitted with high quality hair or fibre filled padding with rubberized surfaces to protect them in heavily trafficked areas. The padding prevents the rug from moving or wrinkling and can easily double the life of a typical Persian rug.

Our services don’t end with the sale of the carpet.

We also provide care & maintenance services to ensure that your carpets are kept in tip top condition, including washing and repairs. Washing of Persian carpets is an art that requires specific techniques and equipment to perform properly. We use modern equipment but traditional technique to ensure the best results. For the ultimate in convenience, customers merely need to call us and we will collect the carpet from their homes, expertly treat them and return them.

Our Products

Persian carpets

  • Ardebil
  • Bijar
  • Bakhtiar
  • Qum
  • Shiraz
  • Tabriz
  • Mughal
  • Isfahan
  • Ferdos
  • Nain
  • Baluch

Silk carpets

Afghan carpets

  • Chobi
  • Kazak

Tribal carpets

  • Khal Muhamamdi

Turkmen carpets

  • Bokhara

Pakistan Caucasian carpets

Modern carpets and rugs

Gabbeh carpets


Custom carpets


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