Curtains & Soft Furnishing

GD Kim
Curtains & Soft Furnishing Specialist

A house just doesn’t feel like a home without curtains and soft furnishings. Since 2007, PowerBuilder’s Curtain & Furnishings Studio (CFS) has been providing the finishing touches to properties all around Malaysia.


We believe that your living and working spaces should suit your personality and feel just right to you, in every way. Working with only the finest fabrics and materials, we provide and custom install a full range of furnishings and accessories to create distinctive, pleasing looks for your property.

Our Products / Services

Fine furnishing fabrics / curtain materials

Our materials are carefully selected to be of only the finest quality, with distinctive designs and patterns, and a wide range of textures and colours.

Drapery curtain & blinds

Curtains and blinds make a big difference to any room, instantly conveying personality and feel. In addition, they help you sleep comfortably, keeping light (and your neighbour’s eyes) out. Our curtains are custom made to your specifications and come in a wide range of colours and styles. We also offer blinds that allow you to adjust the daylight in your room to just the right level.

Curtain rails, tracks & rods

Our wide range of curtain accessories allow you to hang up your curtains in any way you choose, while still matching your desired theme. Like our curtains, our rails can be customized to any length or shape, even going around corners.

Furniture upholstery

If you have furniture that you’d like to refresh or customize, we offer a full range of upholstering services.


Comfort and quality are the name of the game when it comes to our bedding. Our selection of sumptuous bed linen will ensure you get a good night’s rest after a long, weary day.

Wall to wall & carpet tiles

Carpet instantly adds a level of colour and personality to a room, making it feel warm and cozy. We provide both wall to wall carpets and carpet tiles to fit all types of floor.

Wallpaper & ceiling paper

For that extra touch, nothing beats wallpaper for entirely transforming the feel of a room. Our exciting range of wallpaper designs features many distinctive prints, patterns and colours, allowing you to achieve exactly the look that you want.

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