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Interior Design & Architecture Specialist

Chi Design is an interior architecture and design company established since 2010, located in Puchong, Kuala Lumpur. Chi Design has made its name with the art approach that has revolutionized the industry entirely.


Over a span of 9 years, the company has achieved many milestones and over 100 very successful cases and still counting. Chi Design’s clientele ranges from developers to corporate organizations, and commercials. Our hard work have resulted in the winning various awards such as the 2015/16, 2017/18 and 2019/20 Asia Pacific Property Awards by Leisure Interior Malaysia, the 2018 IDA Design Awards, the Volvo Aurizn Design Challenge 2018, and  A design Awards 2019 (Italy).


The foundation of the company was formed by a close-knitted team that shares common values and beliefs. We trust that our strength in working with developer projects like leisure and hospitality for common spaces at condo building, sales gallery, which the art and artistic can add values to the project development by improving the branding, and achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment. We are distinctly different because we emphasize on concept design, with every piece of work capable of telling a brand story of the project development without being just about aesthetics.


Chi Design believes that a committed team is critical to carry the company far. We ensured employees get top notch benefits and had their welfare taken care of. The company empowers employees with trainings, exposures, and involvements.

Why Me
Extensive Experiences

We have a team of experience consultant that deal with numerous developer that work on more than 20 developments projects over the years.


Process Advice

Having full team of consultant from design consultant, technical engineer and quantity surveyor to serve for entire process of design development process.

Award Winning

Award winning design award from local to overseas.

Our Products / Services

Nirvana Memorial Park presents itself in a very orderly manner with landscaping inspired by its natural surroundings. Picturesque and tranquil, it soothes the soul and warms the heart. For the departed, it is simply an idyllic final resting place to rest in peace. For the living, it fosters prosperity generation after generation.

For added peace of mind and convenience, the memorial park is diligently managed through a systematic and comprehensive maintenance support with modern facilities, wide paved roads and ample parking spaces.

It also comes with a variety of burial plot choices, which include royal family, family, double and single plots, with different tomb designs catering to the needs of the Buddhists, Taoists, Christian and others.

Nirvana offers a wide variety of columbarium design catering customers’ preference. From the luxury, full air-conditioned with wvery details and furnishing at the Chamber of eternal Bliss is specially and carefully designed exclusively for the visitor’s absolute comfort to the Modernised Designed filled with vibrant artistic charm in an auspicious environment that ushers in prosperity. Ancient Chinese Architerual Design for the oriental lovers, as well as the courtyard design resembling the “Si He Courtyard” building architecture of ancient Beijing. This traditional house connotes the Chinese culture and reflects eternal peaceful environment. Lastly, The artistic Christian Columbarium is a masterpiece of Christian bereavement care architectural design unlike any other in the market. It unique style exudes a distinctive Christian character, one that gets the best of both worlds: exquisite design and contemporary idea.

The largest burial plot for urn in Malaysia which is a place for those cremated and their remains meant for burial. Burial plot for urn sets a peaceful environment, with an individual space for the praying convenience of family members.

The Goddess of Three Western Saints- Amitabha Buddha, Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva (God of Mercy) & Mahasthama Bodhisattva, overlooking the garden, signifies a pure land for the departed, a blessed garden for the living, and to provide enlightening and worshipping.

This land of fortune commands a set of imposing Fengshui dynamics, driven by a majestic dragon, which is protected by the green-dragon and white-tiger guardians on both sides as it rides on the stout back of the dragon-turtle. NV Seed overlooks an expansive opening flourished by vibrant, unobstructed waterways alongside a colorful fertile soil, set in a vigorous environment. A good, effective Sheng Ji lies in its ability to amass spirited ‘qi’ from the universe and Nirvana is holding the key.

This auspicious land emanates the mightiness of a dragon while being embraced by vigorous waterways in close proximity, making it a Fengshui perfect environment for fostering good fortune. It is most appropriate for people looking for a better career advancement and luck for wealth. Additionally, if you desire the guidance from a godsend, this is the right place to start with.

Ancestral Tablet has been the very symbol of Chinese ancestral worship that dates back to the ancient Shang Dynasty. Ancestral Tablet takes up the central position at the altar of any traditional Chinese home. It is a sacred item that connotes the virtue of filial piety. Ancestral Tablets in Nirvana Memorial Parks are good alternatives for couples who do not have time to attend to the worship rituals at home.

The evolution of time is changing the way we pay homage to our ancestors. In an effort to promote the beauty of saluting our ancestors, we offer thoughtful Memorial Tablets which are placed in an elegant, air-conditioned hall, in the company of godliness for the eternal memorial honouring while accommodating the modern lifestyle

Nirvana Pet Memorial Garden offers plenty of fond memories as you bid farewell to your pet. The establishment embraces a verdant environment with sublime serenity so that your beloved pet can rest in peace. It is indeed a true embodiment of our relentless pursuit of perfection that only the unending love between you and your pet could match.

This exclusive service offers a one-stop funeral convenience for your beloved pet. The thoughtfully designed establishment shows how much we really care about your feelings as we present you with a total peace of mind and hassle-free solution. It accords the utmost dignity to mark the last journey of your pet as you hold it in fond remembrance.

With our unrivalled professionalism and expertise, we provide a comprehensive suite of funeral services to cater to the needs of different faiths and all walks of life.

We also offer funeral related products and services, including caskets, urns, cremation memorialization products, Taoist and Buddhist handcrafted paper models, flowers, catering services, photography and other ancillary services. We provide funeral services at our funeral homes, third-party owned funeral homes, churches and the homes of our customers. Our funeral packages are tailored to our customers’ requirements, according to their respective cultural and religious practices.

Our funeral packages are offered both on an as-needed and pre-needed basis. Our ‘as-needed’ products and services are available to customers who require an immediate need for a funeral service upon the demise of their loved ones. On the other hand, our ‘pre-needed’ products and services are made available for customers who wish to preplan their own or their loved ones’ funeral services.

In respect of safeguarding the dignity of a female deceased member, Nirvana Asia Group is proud to present the first of its kind, ladies-only team to take care of all necessary funeral arrangements throughout. The team features female funeral rites master, embalmer, mortuary make-up artist and master of ceremony to provide the female departed soul with highest possible respect and honor.

Nirvana’s Remains SPA Treatment is inspired by the similar practices made popular in Japan. The service is performed by a team of dedicated professionals including the White Ladies, through the meticulous SPA treatment for a thorough bathing ritual. The afterlife spa treatment uses the professional, purpose-built toiletries, which is coupled with the unique massage techniques to relax the composure of the deceased. As if you were pampering your loved ones with the utmost care, this to allow the deceased to present themselves in the best possible appearance as they embark on the journey to the Pure Land of Bliss. This is how they are accorded with the dignity they deserve as they rest in peace.

Cadaveric Restoration, just as its name suggests, corrects the contorted facial appearance caused by an accident, for instance. For the grieving families, this is about the dignity of the deceased. In other words, Cadaveric Restoration invokes the departed souls with eternal beauty as a form of respect while relieving the family members from bereavement. Like flowers gracing this world, pure and blooming, that’s a life that conjures up a beautiful picture. All good things come to an end. Likewise, when life is near its end, it shall be harmonized with a flawless and natural appearance.  Leaving this world with a most graceful and dignified appearance is the best memory for relatives and friends. After all, bidding farewell without regret warms the heart.

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