Interior Design Specialist

Donny Lee
Interior Design Specialist

Our award winning Interior Design Department (IDD) creates beautiful designs rooted in the ancient Chinese concept of Chi, with flowing contours and graceful furniture arrangements that guide the flow of positive energy throughout the building, bringing harmony and prosperity to its occupants.


PowerBuilder’s Interior Design Department is headed by Donny Lee and Janice Tan, well known within the interior design industry for their drive, passion and artistic sensibilities. Under their leadership, the PowerBuilder interior design team is determined to bring a new level of sophistication to interior environments, be it commercial or residential.


Our designs, just like our philosophy of Chi are fluid, encompassing a wide variety of styles and aesthetics to precisely fit each project. A lot of our work is focused on corporate and franchise businesses, where we create custom designs that can be used across the entire chain, subconsciously conveying the brands’ attributes to its customers as well as bringing instant brand recognition. Our attractive interiors have a proven track record of attracting customers, providing a positive brand image and improving revenues.

Our Services Offered

Concept Design

Design & Selection of Construction Materials

Furnishing Selection

Design Consultation


A full range of colour renderings, blue prints and 3D artist impressions to showcase your design strategy


Project Management


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