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KK Tan
Waterproof Solution & Roof Leaking Specialist

As a tropical country, Malaysia can get pretty rainy. And when it rains, it really rains, with storms and gale force winds to boot, so leaking roofs and walls are largely inevitable at one point or another. PowerBuilder’s Roof & Flooring Department (RFD) helps you deal with such inconveniences quickly and effectively.


Fixing leaks is a lot more complicated than one might think. Water being water gets everywhere and can flow through long, winding, unexpected routes before dripping onto your brand new laptop or ruining your sleep with a surprise shower. It’s often not a simplematter of plugging up holes where the water is dripping from but rather carefully tracking down the root cause of the leak and then using appropriate methods to stop it and similar problems from happening again.


Our waterproofing specialists are highly trained experts who conduct thorough investigations before recommending and applying fixes using the latest in waterproofing technology. To give our customers extra peace of mind, all of our repairs come with warranties so that you know our fixes work.

For customers who believe that prevention is better than cure, we offer protective solutions such as Chopped Strand Fibre Reinforced Elastomeric Acrylic Membrane Waterproofing and Polyurethane Expandable Foam Injection for concrete crack sealing. Many of our clients apply these solutions to their buildings or units in order to add extra resilience against leaks, before they occur.

We can also add thermal layers on the outside of buildings and rooftops to reduce heat transmission into buildings and save on energy costs, much like the tinting used on your car.

Finally, we also deal with the design and application of industrial flooring such as epoxy, vinyl ester & polyurethane floor systems, used in car parks, factories and other areas where durability and special properties such as chemical resistance is important.

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