Intellectual Property Practitioner

Intellectual Property Practitioner

Meet Joyi, your creative, brand & design protection specialist.


Joyi Cheah is the founder and partner of JCIP, a registered Trade Mark Agent and Industrial Design Agent in Malaysia with a legal background. She specializes in helping business owner develop and protect their trademark and design nationally and internationally. She is also a member of Malaysian Intellectual Property Association.


Armed with more than 8 years experiences of proven, innovative, customized solutions and services behind her back, Joyi is your go-to advisor. She understands that there is no a-one-size fits all solution. Hence, she provides only quality, customized services that are catered directly to your business needs and that which adds value to you.


In short, she believes in offering the exemplary, relevant service that is worth your investment in us, delivered based on her vast experience of professional knowledge, experiences and skill – a win-win situation for all.


According to Joyi, branding & aesthetic design are something that can be converted into financial benefits from a micro to a macro level. And it is in her interest, to make sure you gain a competitive edge in your field.


Applied properly, your brand and design can help add value to your company by not only adding to your existing portfolio of tangible assets, but enhancing the image and branding of your company – all of which affects actual revenue and profit bottom-line to your company.


That’s why she wants to help you make sure that brand and design protection are integrated into all aspects of your business! Theses can help support your business objectives if managed well, and she wants to make sure you make the best of it.

Why Me
Experience Matters

More than 8 years of practicing experience, Joyi has personally handled thousands of cases with nearly every type of trademark and design matter.

No surprise flat- fees

Joyi is able to develop a customized solution with a straight forward and affordable fees.


Joyi is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Hockien, Malay.

You don’t have to DIY

Joyi will take care of the legal technicalities while you channel your energy in your business and save you hassles and valuable time.

Area of Practice

Branding is such an integral part to your business. Think Nike, Apple, Coca Cola to name a few. Trademark protection is crucial to any business and because investing in it is also a way to protect all the energy, time and money you have invested to build your business branding.


Here, you can leave it to us! We make sure that your trademark is unique to your business, and you can rest letting us handle the process of your trademark application. We will manage each phase of the transaction for you and we also help to make sure your renewal of your trademark is done on time while you can focus on the other needs of your business.

Undergoing a company restructuring or business ownership transfer? Don’t worry, we also help to assist in the transfer of ownership of any registered trademark.

Objected trademark application? We got you. Utilizing all our relevant know-how and experience, we help you respond accordingly to the Registrar’s requirement by coming up with a packful strategy that can convince for the successful application of your trademark.

We are at a time where it is all too common for unauthorized use of creatives and businesses’ original works, and businesses face issues where their products are being duplicated and reproduced without their permission.

In this situation, we will work together with you to protect your rights in your country of residence and we will advise accordingly where relevant copyright registration in the respective country or places is required.

Got a stylish looking product?

We help to protect the aesthetics and style of your product by making sure we conduct the required research on the design and the timely renewal of your filing to ensure your registered design is continuously protected.

Our experience includes both international and local clients. In the event of any opposition of design applications, we will work together with you to manage these challenges and potentially turn them into business opportunities!

We know the importance of a perfectly crafted company logo that helps you stand out amongst your competitors. Whether you are a start- up or looking to revamp your current brand logo, we are happy to help you with it!

Is someone using a mark or design which looks suspiciously similar to yours?

We got you covered. We will help to assist with the alleged infringement and we work to take the appropriate steps to help both parties arrive at an amicable resolution.

We also provide other services to help you with unfair competition, settlement negotiation, domain name disputes, and trade secrets.

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